B2B-sites and portals development

We will develop a B2B portal, that will streamline and simplify work with corporate clients.

Use our experience in creating wholesale websites with accounts for dealers and customers.

What business tasks does a b2b site solve?

A b2b site is a web resource with information and services focused on the business segment (“business to business”). This category of Internet projects includes all types of sites created for companies that provide services and sell goods to support the activities of commercial companies.

b2b site performs the following functions, depending on the type and purpose:

  • represents business online
  • presents goods and services
  • attracts new customers from various channels.

Do you have a b2b site? We will improve it

You can order the development of a project from scratch or support and refinement of a functioning project. We will expand the functionality of the site, get rid of errors, speed up page loading.

You can hire us for the website support.

Describe what your project needs, and we will offer the best solution.

Features and functionality of b2b portals

The functionality of b2b portals is focused on automating interaction with dealers, contractors, suppliers and other companies. Personal accounts for various categories of users, product catalogs, selection and calculation of the cost and delivery time are usually provided when b2b sites are being developed.

If you order the development of a b2b portal in our company, we will implement the necessary functions and services on the project.

The websites in different niches and for various purposes are created for b2b-sphere:

  • sites for bulk purchases of goods (for example, equipment for business, fuel and lubricants for cars, spare parts, stationery and other consumables);
  • marketplaces;
  • b2b sites for the sale of cars and special equipment;
  • corporate sites (business cards) with product catalogs.

Each project is individual, and we fill it with the functionality, which is necessary for the client:

Catalog and order

  • convenient output of the list of goods;
  • full text search;
  • selection of measurement units and currencies;
  • filters by parameters for each category;
  • the ability to download or receive price lists, commercial offers;
  • integration of payment systems for online payment.

Personal Account

  • a full-fledged account of a dealer, manager, supplier;
  • personal discounts and loyalty programs;
  • auto-generation of documents based on templates;
  • history of payments, debts;
  • notifications;
  • online payment from the office.


  • ERP systems;
  • customer service systems - CRM;
  • electronic payment systems;
  • Internet acquiring (online payment by VISA, MasterCard cards);
  • analytics systems;
  • postal services and delivery.
Order the development of a turnkey b2b site, and we will create a functional and productive resource.

Features of the best b2b selling websites

The specifics of the business also determines a number of features of platforms in the business-to-business niche:

  • detailed and accurate information about goods and services, availability of product documentation, technical specifications;
  • maintaining the relevance of information about the product, its availability;
  • continuous support and communication with contractors, partners and potential customers;
  • integration with ERP accounting systems for goods, warehouses;
  • integration with CRM.

Services should work quickly, management should be simple and clear, communication should be maintained constantly.

The benefits of b2b portals

A well-thought-out and correctly created portal allows you to optimize the work of companies in various areas.

For manufacturers of goods:

  • the work of managers is simplified;
  • the quality of service is controlled and increased;
  • the duration of order processing is reduced;
  • the routine processes, generation of financial documents are automated;
  • the opportunity to work with complex orders.

For distributors:

  • convenient work with affiliates and regional offices;
  • the ability to address the order automatically to the desired region;
  • flexible pricing management;
  • automated bonus system;
  • simplified processing of large orders.

For wholesalers:

  • automation of pricing;
  • personal work with contractors;
  • control of the balance of goods;
  • maintaining an assortment up-to-date.

Describe your project in detail, and we will select the best solutions for creating a convenient and productive site for the b2b segment.

What do you get when ordering turnkey b2b portal development

If you work with us, you will receive a finished project:

  • developed using the logic and rules of CMS;
  • containing optimized and safe code;
  • fully meeting the specification, customer requirements and tasks;
  • able to work with increased loads;
  • with integrations and functionality of any complexity;
  • tested and fully prepared for launch.

What platform do you use

We develop projects using the flexible and powerful Laravel PHP framework. There are a lot of its advantages, such as free of charge, flexibility, versatility, speed and security. But what is the most important, it does not limit the development possibilities, unlike the standard CMS. We can create absolutely any functionality you need for your b2b project.

Your Laravel b2b-portal will become a powerful tool for developing and promoting your business, but not a "headache".

It is reliable and comfortable to work with us

Briefly speaking, our main benefits are:

  1. Certified and experienced developers are involved in the development of your b2b portal.
  2. You only pay for the hours actually allocated to the project – no hidden or unexpected fees.
  3. You control the development process, follow the execution, discussion and time tracking for each task in our CRM.
  4. We don't only create b2b sites, but also define the functionality on finished projects, take them for support and maintenance.
  5. We work officially: we conclude an agreement, we provide all the necessary documents for reporting, we accept non-cash payments.
  6. You can provide your models with an original design for layout for a b2b site or order an individual design from us from scratch.

How much does it cost to develop a b2b site

Web projects are created according to individual specifications, which describe in detail the tasks for developing or finalizing the template, functionality, optimizing speed, security and SEO.

Therefore, the cost of each specific site or b2b-portal is formed individually - according to the amount of time allocated for working with the project.

What hours are paid

The total cost of website development includes time for:

  • preparation of specifications;
  • installation of CMS, templates, solutions and modules on a test server;
  • creating backups;
  • performance of the task by each specialist;
  • transfer of the finished site and edits to the hosting;
  • communication with the client and the team on tasks (search for solutions, selection of modules and tools, detection of problems and other issues directly related to the implementation of a specific task);
  • testing a template or functionality;
  • consultations;
  • drawing up instructions for using installed or created modules and components for content managers and other users of the site;
  • training of the client's employees;
  • transferring and publishing content.

What don't you pay for

In the development invoice, you will not see:

  • server costs for the entire development period - we install CMS and create a website on our own server and transfer an already finished project to yours, throughout the entire period of development and debugging of the resource you do not spend money on paying for hosting;
  • hidden and sudden payments;
  • services and tasks that you did not order;
  • modules, plug-ins that are not in the specification, and the installation of which was not discussed with the client.

Provide us with a technical task or a detailed description of your b2b project, and we will evaluate its development for free.

How to save money on development

To reduce the cost of a b2b site development , you need to:

provide a detailed specification or a detailed description of the project;

buy a ready-made solution and order a revision.

If you are ready to start on a website that will boost your business, place your order right here:

Customer reviews

View caseGratitude
Director of Marketing and Sales Department
Online furniture store Blest

We are grateful to the team of Red Chameleon web agency for their professional approach and quality project realization.

The agency faced a rather difficult task - to create a new online store with a unique design. And it was important to meet the minimum possible deadlines.

As a result of cooperation with the web-studio we got the site exactly as we had imagined it when ordering the development. Programmers made page templates for different devices according to the designer's layouts and provided the project with all the necessary functions.

We would like to emphasize the interaction with the manager. Thanks to deep immersion in the project, we got not only a reliable representative of our interests in the web studio team, but also an experienced assistant.

We continue our cooperation with Red Chameleon and are glad that we have found a truly reliable business partner.

Whole review
Director of e-commerce
Aurum Jewelry Company

We would like to thank the Red Chameleon team for a great set of works on the transformation of our website aurum.in.ua. We received a completely updated online store: we changed CMS, built a new original template, provided great opportunities for searching and buying goods, added convenient functions for site administration.

It is comfortable to work with managers. Guys know how to keep agreements and respond to requests and priorities of the customer.

The developers realized all our ideas on the project. We received a truly modern functional online store that meets our requirements and the needs of our customers.

Whole review
Company owner

The year of cooperation with the Red Chameleon Web Agency was really productive. During this period of time, a lot of work has been done to improve our online store maximoda.com.ua.

We consider one of the most significant achievements to be the acceleration of website page loading and security improvements. Moreover, the studio's developers finalized the visual component, improved the display on mobile devices, and created filters for easy search of goods in the catalog. The site has become more convenient for visitors, which is important for selling goods online.

The programmers are well versed in what they do and work with an understanding of the system's features. If necessary, we consult with them on website management issues.

Following the results of a year of cooperation, we are quite satisfied with the results obtained and continue to improve our MaxiModa online store together with Red Chameleon.

Whole review
Marketing Director

We express our gratitude to the company "Red Chameleon" for a large amount of improvements to our website https://forward-ua.com/.

The agency's specialists reconfigured the system, made new pages, fixed errors, and customized the work of tools on the site.

Everything started working faster and better.

We liked that the manager kept in touch all the time, and the masters promptly responded to problems and eliminated them.

Thank you for cooperation!

Whole review
View caseGratitude
Director General
Standardpark Ukraine LLC

We would like to express our gratitude to Red Chameleon for the high-quality, comfortable and professional technical support of our website and CRM.

We contacted the company because we had to change the contractor for website support.

Thanks to Red Chameleon, the process of changing the contractor went without any time loss or delays in the implementation of certain tasks. They were able to get to grips with the tasks in a short time and take over the full maintenance of our projects.

The successful implementation of a number of important projects would not have been possible without the participation of the Red Chameleon team. Very talented young people show all the necessary qualities to be truly successful:

  • Customer focus
  • Professionalism
  • Punctuality in meeting deadlines
  • Creativity in implementation approaches

Red Chameleon is one of the best companies we've ever dealt with in the industry. We believe that we are incredibly lucky to have found such a reliable and high-quality support in terms of website technical support. Thank you!

Whole review
View caseGratitude
Online store UkrApple.com.ua

We would like to express our gratitude to Red Chameleon Web Studio for helping us solve a problematic website uptime issue that other contractors could not solve. Always got in touch and helped with the site crash, which was due to the above problem, immediately, including weekends! Also, thank you so much for helping with a whole list of TORs from SEO specialists.

Very satisfied that everything is done within the voiced deadlines. All the nuances are stipulated, explained, and if necessary, additional clarifications are provided. We also want to note the transparent and detailed reporting on the work done at the end of the month.

We can safely recommend the web studio "Red Chameleon" to cooperate and solve complex problems on CMS Bitrix, because having worked with more than one contractor for several years, only they were the most competent and responsible.

Once again, thank you very much! We work further! And we wish you only to grow and develop with the same excellent attitude to customers, as well as get more and more grateful feedback on their work!

Whole review
Online store Park Plus - parkplus.com.ua

We are delighted to have chosen Red Chameleon to work on our website. We would like to thank the whole team. Personally to Nicholas and Diane, with whom we kept in touch.

Everything was professional. We were heard, we were offered options, we chose the best ones.

The developers recommended Bitrix hosting. It can easily cope with our online store parkplus.com.ua. Selected a light and modern template. We installed and fully customized it to meet our requirements.

We liked the result: we updated the design, improved the performance and quality of the site, added new features for managers to work with filling the online store and processing orders.

The guys worked closely with our site and in the end we got what we wanted.

Whole review
View caseGratitude

We are grateful to your company for quick and high-quality implementation of two Bitrix-based websites, as well as assistance in integration with our accounting program.

Working together with the specialists of your team was pleasant and instructive. Literate guys, and especially you, quickly found solutions to complex problems, as well as showed alternative ways to solve them.

We would like to emphasize punctuality and fulfillment of most of the items of our project on time.

Given the above, we will confidently recommend your company for the development and implementation of complex projects based on Bitrix.

We wish "Red Chameleon" company to maintain the quality of its work and a large number of good clients.

Whole review
Marketing Director

Initially we ordered "Red Chameleon" to customize the choice of delivery by "Novaya Posta" taking into account the peculiarities of our work. The task was complex with a peculiar solution, but the guys coped with all the tasks.

After that we entrusted programmers to update and make corrections to the discount program. We did importing of goods and uploading for external sites.

If we need to correct a mistake, update or finalize the site, we turn to Red Chameleon. It is convenient and productive to work with them. And most importantly, they do any tasks on the site.

We plan to continue working with this web agency. The next step is to update the design. We are sure that they will not let us down here either.

Whole review
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