What Is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is the process of constantly monitoring the site status, correcting existing errors and bugs, and updating software for the purpose of a web resource stable work.

Website Support Plans

Hourly plan for the month

We determine together with you how many hours per month are needed to maintain your site. Based on this, we form monthly flexible plans.

Plan for specific tasks

We perform only specified tasks defined by the client independently or after our audit of your website.

Monthly plan + SEO

At designated maintenance hours, our specialist also conducts SEO optimization of your website that will increase traffic and conversion rates.

Annual plan

Order support once a year and forget any problems with your web resource. In addition, it is much more profitable.
Hire Experts in Website Development from Red Chameleon Agency for Your Site Maintenance

Our Maintenance & Support Services for Your Website

Our White Label company provides full maintenance and support services to ensure the website's stable work. Our developers have extensive experience and use the best practices to keep your web project in top condition. All the required work will be done on time and at a reasonable price.

Ecommerce Website Support

Every eCommerce project needs a support service for new customers to engage and increase sales. Our services will ensure the security and long-term growth of your online store or marketplace.

Website Repair

There are many reasons why your site may crash. These can be code or plugin errors, viruses, hacker attacks, etc. But in any case, after the crashes, you need to repair the entire site operation and prevent such problems in the future.

Application development

During the support service, we perform tasks of the web application functionality refinement of different levels of complexity (creation of new functions and unique tools, installing modules, plugins, add-ons).

Website Redesign

Marketing trends play an important role in modern online business. The first thing the user sees is your site's design. To stay consistently at the top, sometimes it is worth doing a complete redesign of pages with code, structure, and content changes.


Our SEO specialists will optimize your site and bring it to the top search engine ranking. In addition to search engines, the customers will also be delighted with your web resource's quality content and speed.

Website Maintenance Process

Customer application

At this stage, you discuss all problems and errors of your web resource with our project manager. You also offer your solutions and express your wishes.

Solution evaluation

All the necessary specialists are involved in the process of finding solutions. Our team discusses your order and all possible options.

Approval of the assessment

As a result of the previous stage, you get a generated assessment of your problem. We usually offer several solutions, among which you choose the most suitable.


Our experts implement all technical tasks and record them in the CRM system to which the client has access. So you can control the execution process.


We are an honest and legitimate company, so after the work completion, you receive a full report with an hourly description of completed tasks.

Website Maintenance Cost

Our company provides a policy of transparent pricing. Cooperating with us, you don’t have to charge much for website maintenance activities. Our project manager will always be in touch with you and convey your wishes and comments to the team. Red Chameleon believes that services can be high quality and cheap simultaneously. We will find the most affordable solution for you.

Hourly Rate for Website Maintenance

We use a "pay per hour" system for our services. It means that you only pay for the time that was really spent on your project. There are no hidden, incomprehensible to the client tasks. All work is agreed upon with you, and the results are recorded in the reports.

Monthly Website Support

The monthly site support package includes all the necessary work to maintain the functionality of your website. Website support can cost from $580 per month, depending on the specific list of work to be performed.

Average Monthly Website Maintenance Fees

The cost of work is directly related to their volume and complexity. The same work takes different amounts of time on various platforms and resources. It also affects the final price. On average, we spend 30-40 hours/month supporting one client project.

Website Maintenance for Small Businesses

The basic website maintenance package is the most suitable for you if you have a small business. It starts from 20 hours per month and can vary flexibly. We will select the most advantageous option for you.

What Does Website Maintenance Include?

The specific services included in the website support packages vary depending on the project, its goals, complexity, and existing problems.

Among the most common services are the following: website tech support, WordPress maintenance, functionality expansion, regular backups creation, and further updates.

Outsource Website Support

You do not need to have special programming knowledge or keep a programmer on your company's staff to make your website work successfully and fully meet the needs of your business.

You just need to hire an outsourcing firm that will ensure the ongoing operation of the web resource and develop new features as needed.

Choose Professional Support and Maintenance


Why is it important to maintain your website?

Every website needs regular updates, basic site audits, fixing errors, and installation of different patches for its perfect functioning. If you don't have special skills, it will be difficult for you to do it yourself. Then you should contact a professional agency and forget about such issues forever.

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