Auto parts online store Bex Space on Laravel is an online store of used auto parts. We have developed and launched an online store on the Laravel framework from scratch, and now our company provides technical support and site improvement services.

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The project has more than 350,000 items. And this is not the limit yet. The customer has ambitious plans to increase the number of items to 1 000 000. Fortunately, the customer has chosen the right platform for this complex project.

What we did on the project:

  1. We have developed the technical documentation for the site. We worked together with the company's marketing specialist and SEO specialist. As a result, the site meets all business requirements.
  2. Designed the architecture of the project. Designed the layouts, did the HTML layout, and programmed the backend.
  3. We integrated the site with the accounting system to exchange product balances and prices.
  4. We have integrated with the CRM system to transfer orders and get order status from CRM to the site.
  5. Created a convenient admin panel for administering the site using BackPackForLaravel (
  6. Developed functionality for easy translation of the site.
  7. We implemented the functionality to search for spare parts by car parameters.
  8. Developed the necessary SEO functionality. Performed technical SEO optimization of the site.
  9. Programmed feeds for external services.

We continue to work on the project. Many tasks are planned, which will expand the site's functionality.

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