Development of a personal account for the Weekend Clinic on Laravel

Weclinica is a private wide-profile clinic which approached us with the idea of creating a personal account for its patients.

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The client's main website was created on the Bitrix CMS, which was not suitable to solve the tasks. Therefore, it was decided to develop a personal account on the Laravel framework on a separate subdomain

After developing the first two stages, the client received:

  • The integration of the website and the clinic's medical accounting system;
  • The ability to transfer test results to patients online in their personal accounts;
  • The ability to provide the patient with his medical record with a complete medical history;
  • Online appointment functionality for the selected doctor at a convenient time;
  • Online payment.


Third-party services integrated:

  • 1С (ERP system)
  • WayForPay (Payment system).
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