Aurum jewelry online store development and support is an online store of a large jewelry company Aurum located in Ukraine. The company operates both online and offline (a chain of stores in major cities of Ukraine).

Our company developed and launched the project in 2019. We have also been supporting the project for more than two and a half years.

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Here is a list of key works that we have done for the project:

  • Transferring the website from OpenCart CMS to Bitrix CMS.
  • Design of a bilingual website: Ukrainian and Russian languages.
  • Integration with 1C (ERP system).
  • SEO optimization.
  • Integration of advanced Google Analytics.
  • Integration with external services.


  • 1C accounting system. Exchange of data on goods: price, stock.
  • RTB House
  • Payment system KastaPay (payment management in the admin panel, namely refund, partial refund)
  • Search service Multisearch
  • Mailing service Esputnik.
  • Facebook, TikTok, Google Analytics.
  • Call tracking, call center, and CRM on the website to make calls from the admin panel using the API telephony service
  • Full API integration with the Ukrainian delivery service Nova Poshta Features branch selection on the checkout page. Automation of logistics, drafting invoices, sending to the postal service, and tracking delivery statuses.
  • And many other integrations.

The checkout page and the catalog page have been recently redesigned. We are working on the introduction of a new product card design.

Technologies: Bitrix CMS, PHP 7.4, HTML, JS, CSS, MySQL.

Customer feedback

Feedback from Oleksandr Bazalukov

Director of e-commerce

We thank the Red Chameleon team for a large range of works on the transformation of our website We received a completely updated online store: we changed the CMS, made up a new original template, provided great opportunities for searching and buying goods, and added convenient functions for site administration.

I feel comfortable working with managers. They know how to comply with the agreements and respond to the requests and priorities of the customer.

The developers have implemented all our ideas for the project. We have received a truly modern functional online store that meets our requirements and the needs of our customers.

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