Support and improvement of the NeutrinoParticles online service website – is the best particle effects editor for PIXI.

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Our company took the project for its support and revision. The project was developed by another contractor.

Here is a list of key works that we have done for the project:

  • Correction of errors with crediting money to the user's balance.
  • Implementation of the functionality to delete accounts.
  • Revision of the functionality of tariff plans. Removal of the number of export limits. The validity period of the tariff plan shall be set in a calendar month. Subtraction of funds at the beginning of a new period, regardless of whether the user makes exports or not.
  • Refinement of the appearance of tariff plans and accounts.
  • Refinement of the functionality of subaccounts.

Technologies: Symfony, WordPress, PHP, JS, HTML, CSS.

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