Online store of organic cosmetics Glossary

Our cooperation with the online store began in 2019, and we are still supporting and developing the project.

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Red Chameleon takes on 100% of the work on site maintenance, error correction, maintaining the functionality, editing of the visual part, as well as search engine promotion.

During this time, we have been working on all possible areas of website development:

  • redesign;
  • layout and integration of pages;
  • use of multilingualism;
  • creation of individual functionality;
  • integration with ERP and external services;
  • technical SEO-optimization;
  • and others.

It was a considerable difficulty because the project was originally developed and refined by various studios. We received non-optimized code that did not take into account the features and policies of the platform. This made it difficult to edit, update and create new functionality.

There were some interesting tasks:

  • development of a discount program on specification from the client;
  • conducting systematic promotions (for holidays and sales days).

To implement the above-mentioned, the special pages, catalog sections are made, active elements are added to the site pages and, of course, a special discount functionality is developed.

A separate pool of development tasks is related to the search engine promotion of the project. The programmers of the Red Chameleon introduced a number of edits of SEO specialists on technical optimization of the site, and significantly improved the filtering of goods, the display of recommended elements on the pages. To find more information on these works and their results, you could see our SEO case for Glossary.

We continue to work with the online store Glossary and are ready to implement new large-scale plans to transfer to a new platform, redesign, connect a new ERP and integrate with the CRM system.

If you need a functional online store, contact us! Red Chameleon is ready to take on all the technical issues of developing, maintaining and supporting your project.

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