Increase in traffic by almost 4 times with the help for technical SEO

Online store of organic goods, which has been operating since 2010.

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The starting point – the search optimization of the project wasn't done, the site is maintained and upgraded by the developers of the Red Chameleon.

The purpose – to fix technical errors and to increase the targeted traffic.

Technical SEO

Our cooperation in the field of search promotion began in July 2020. At the first stage, a technical optimization audit was conducted on our recommendation.

Among the problems were:

  • extra rules in robots.txt, conflicts with indexing management tools;
  • numerous and outdated sitemaps in XML format, miss of functionality of the sitemap auto-generation;
  • redirection errors (About 100 URLs with incorrect redirects that made the required pages unavailable, – almost 14,000 links with such problems were found on the site);
  • same page internal links;
  • many technical pages duplicates generated by CMS;
  • errors in the organization of indexing (the pages that should be in the index are blocked, the content duplicates are available);
  • a large number of links to addresses with 301 redirects and non-existent pages (404);
  • filtering problems (generation of deep filters, duplicate pages of filtering results, numerous links to 3+ level filters).

During the first iteration of the implementation of the amendments, the found problems were solved. And we got the initial results:

  • the correct indexing of important pages began to be established;
  • a half of the site crawl errors disappeared;
  • the number of indexed pages without errors from the sitemap became proper;
  • the number of pages that get into the index without a sitemap was decreased.

Speaking about traffic, the changes were noticeable in September-October 2020:

The problems that were difficult to detect without first edits were found during the second iteration (November 2020):

  • indexing rules were optimized;
  • site maps were customized;
  • the correct server response (404) was ensured for non-existent pages.

These and a number of other works ensured the further growth of the site traffic:

In terms of months, we increased traffic from 1,788 unique people in July to 3,873 visitors in January 2021 - almost 2.2 times:

Other works

At the next stage we worked with:

  • fixing meta tag templates, headers;
  • optimization of pages;
  • increase of snippet clickability in Google search results;
  • promotion of priority sections;
  • implementation of semantic filters.

All these works were carried out gradually during 2021. Also at the end of the year we began working with external links.

As a final result, we propose to look at the full schedule of attendance on organic from the beginning of work to the end of 2021:

In specific figures, the result looks like this: from 1788 (July 2020) to 6700 (January 2022).

Thus, thanks to the technical optimization of the site, the elimination of critical errors, as well as work on the internal optimization of the resource we managed to increase the flow of visitors by 3.75 times or 275%.

Your site needs technical optimization analysis, doesn't it? We are ready not only to find problems that hinder development, but also to eliminate them quickly.

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