Symfony Web Development

Order Symfony web development in order to start and improve complex and high-load web projects. This is a PHP framework on which sites and applications of any complexity and type are created. It is suitable for launching a corporate portal, an online store, your own CRM, and any other business projects.

If you find it difficult to choose, write to us. We will analyze your project and offer the best solution: choose Symfony website or order the development of an online store on another CMS.

When do you need Symfony development

The wide possibilities of the PHP framework are combined with a high entry threshold. This feature defines the specifics of using Symfony. As a rule, it is used to create projects that require high performance and speed, which will be significantly loaded.

Development, support and maintenance of websites on the PHP framework Symfony requires a high level of specialists. Therefore, it is recommended to prefer one of the suitable CMS in all other cases.

There are some rules, which you could use to determine what is needed in a particular case:

  • Any project will require maintenance and improvement over time.
  • You need to articulate the needs of the business to select a platform. As a rule, a CMS project is enough for a start-up business.
  • Symfony website development is relevant if the capabilities of the CMS are exhausted or if it is planned to create a large-scale Internet resource that will grow rapidly and the functionality of the content management system will not be enough.
  • Creating web projects on the Symfony framework will require more investment and time.

Benefits of the Symfony Framework

  • Open source is a prerequisite for extensive development opportunities.
  • The framework is available for free.
  • Support for a large list of databases.
  • Reliability and protection against hacks and external attacks.
  • High performance
  • Virtually unlimited development possibilities - you can create any resource on the Symfony framework.

Symfony projects

There are a lot of famous projects implemented on the framework:

  • BlaBlaCar;
  • Vogue France;
  • CMS Drupal 8;
  • social bookmarking service Delicious;
  • music streaming service Spotify.

How does the development look like

There are several stages of a Symfony project development:

  • analysis of business and customer needs to create a detailed specification
  • development of a web resource prototype;
  • work on the appearance and functionality of the project;
  • testing;
  • content filling and project launch;
  • support and maintenance.

What will you get as a result

  • A ready-made selling resource for the eCommerce segment.
  • High quality code: high security, performance, no errors.
  • Adaptive interface.
  • Information support and consulting.
  • Maintenance of the project in time.

Cost of Symfony Web Development

The price of the project mainly depends on its scale and complexity. We work openly - you follow the progress of the implementation of the specification of CRM and pay only for the time actually used to complete the tasks.

The minimum amount of work at support and revision of the website takes 20 hours.

Qualified specialists will work on your project

Why people choose the Red Chameleon Web-agency

  • You could order the development of the site, improvements and support for a web project of any complexity in our agency.
  • We are located in Kyiv, but we work online, so we are available in Ukraine and other countries.
  • You control the course of the project and improvements in CRM Planfix, where all the tasks for the project are being set and the time of work of each specialist is noted.
  • Testing is carried out at each stage of development and after the launch of the project.
  • Convenient communication.

Let's discuss your project. Call us, we will analyze it and make a good offer.


What is the skill level of your programmers? Do you use freelance?

Attested and certified programmers will work on your project. You can find documents on qualifications in the "Certificates" section. We do not outsource work on our clients' projects to other companies or freelancers.

Which platform is better to choose for a website (online store)?
Do you make custom website design or use templates?
Do you make a mobile version of the website?
How much does it cost to create a website?
Do you maintain sites after development?
Do you conclude an agreement and provide documents for tax purposes?

Customer reviews

Oleksandr Bazalukov
e-commerce director at

We would like to thank the Red Chameleon team for a great set of works on the transformation of our website We received a completely updated online store: we changed CMS, built a new original template, provided great opportunities for searching and buying goods, added convenient functions for site administration.

It is comfortable to work with managers. Guys know how to keep agreements and respond to requests and priorities of the customer.

The developers realized all our ideas on the project. We received a truly modern functional online store that meets our requirements and the needs of our customers.

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Rostystav Stepanovskyy

We are grateful to the team of Red Chameleon web agency for their professional approach and quality project realization.

The agency faced a rather difficult task - to create a new online store with a unique design. And it was important to meet the minimum possible deadlines.

As a result of cooperation with the web-studio we got the site exactly as we had imagined it when ordering the development. Programmers made page templates for different devices according to the designer's layouts and provided the project with all the necessary functions.

We would like to emphasize the interaction with the manager. Thanks to deep immersion in the project, we got not only a reliable representative of our interests in the web studio team, but also an experienced assistant.

We continue our cooperation with Red Chameleon and are glad that we have found a truly reliable business partner.

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