Development of a personal user account for a pawnshop website

Website of the private pawnshop "Naikrashchiy Lombard" (Best Pawnshop). It is a network of branches in Ukraine.

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Our company has developed a bilingual website based on Bitrix CMS.

The main task was to create a personal account of a pawnshop client. The user can check active contracts and pay interest on them.

Here is a list of key works that we have done for the project:

  • Development of a convenient personal account design focused on cell phone users.
  • Website layout and programming. Design of a bilingual website: Ukrainian and Russian languages.
  • Integration with 1C using SOAP API for data exchange under pawnshop customer contracts. Transfer of data on payment statuses in 1C.
  • Integration with to pay pawnshop customers' interest on contracts.
  • Multi-Step authentication, confirmation by phone number, limited session time, Google Captcha to ensure the security of user data.

Technologies: PHP, SOAP, MySQL, 1C, Bootstrap, JS, HTML, CSS.

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