A wholesale B2B online store of equipment and cosmetics for barbershops creation

Company, which sells professional men's cosmetics and accessories for hairdressers and barbershops. The company operates in the B2B sector.

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A company representative contacted us to develop an online store for Slovakia.

Goals and tasks of the project

The goal is to develop an online store on Bitrix with personalized prices based on the ready-made solution Aspro: Next - online store.


  • install and configure Bitrix, as well as a ready-made Aspro online store: Next;
  • integrate the site with 1C;
  • translate the site and all functional elements into Slovak;
  • personalise the template;
  • finalise the functionality to the needs of the B2B project.

The process of creating a wholesale online store: What did we do

The "Small Business" edition of Bitrix and the ready-made solution Aspro: Next were installed. The programmers made the basic settings of the system, template and functionality, prepared for further improvements, according to the specification.

The site was developed for the B2B segment, and the customer needed to display different prices for different user groups. This functionality is available out of the box in the Bitrix Business edition. Because of this, we decided to change the license to a more functional one.

Integration with 1C

We carried out a phased synchronization of the online store with 1C databases with 1C databases with the participation of a 1C programmer on the client side. Test uploads of the product directory were made in order to do this, and our developers assessed the state of the catalog on the site, made the necessary changes and finalized the exchange in order to achieve stable synchronization of Bitrix and 1C.

Since the main work with orders is carried out in 1C, we have set up the instant transfer of information about the purchase on the site to the accounting system, as well as the transfer of data on the change in order status to the site.

During the integration process, we encountered the problem of uploading incorrect prices to the site. A detailed study of the issue helped to identify and eliminate the error on the 1C side.

Personalized pricing policy

The specificity of a B2B site is in working with special buyers - companies. The Dukat online store is designed to interact with several groups of counterparties. The customer needed to implement the functionality of displaying their own prices for each of them.

In order to do this we:

  • disabled the ability to display prices, quantity of goods and the "Buy" button for anonymous (unauthorized) users;
  • changed the edition of CMS Bitrix to the older one in order to be able to assign several prices to one product and distribute them among customers;
  • set up the display of correct prices for each type of customers.

We managed to create a full-fledged B2B project on the basis of a regular ready-made online store in this way.

Development of a mechanism for registering customers on the website of a wholesale online store

The function of registration also required special attention in order to restrict access to the personal area. We have implemented the following algorithm:

  • the user goes through the registration procedure on the site;
  • the administrator receives a notification about a new account by e-mail;
  • the administrator checks the user card on the site and activates the user from the administrative part;
  • the user receives an activation notification by e-mail and after that he can log into the account and view the corresponding prices.

A number of problems with sending notifications were fixed during the implementation of this task. An output of the buyers list was organised in the site admin panel

Template Changes

Some changes were made to the template according to the client's specification:

  • the output of only a tabular view in the catalogue was organised;
  • the block of previously viewed products was removed from the pages;
  • the status "Expected" was displayed for goods with a stock balance of 0, and the ability to purchase such items was removed.

Translation of the template into Slovak

All phrases in Russian that had been in the code were moved to lang-files for the correct localization of the template. The phrases were uploaded to an Excel spreadsheet to be translated. The customer replaced them with Slovak counterparts. Then we loaded them into the previously created lang files.

Other tasks

In addition to the above-mentioned, the developers set up the site search to work correctly, removed the checkout page, and fixed the errors that occurred.


We managed to implement a rather interesting project - to create a full-fledged B2B online store based on the ready-made solution Aspro: Next. This way of website development significantly accelerated and simplified the achievement of the customer's goals.

A special procedure for registering on the site and displaying individual prices allows you to work flexibly with any number of counterparties.

As a result, the project was completely finalised and launched. We continue to cooperate with the customer and implement a version of the site for the Ukrainian market. But we will write about this separately.

If you want to start such a project, you should be guided by the following numbers:

  • development will take from 50 to 100 hours, depending on the amount of improvements;
  • approximate implementation time (if there are free resources in the team) - from 1 to 2.5 months..

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