Online store design development

Development of a unique design for an online store - the path from idea to implementation. We generate an idea of ​​a selling design for your online project and implement it on a turnkey basis.

The professional creative design team at your service! Original unique design - high-quality execution - stylish and functional web-project - status, reputation, business success.

Turnkey eCommerce Website Development- from design to launch

The commercial website design is the first impression that can be made on the buyer only once.

A potential client has no idea how much energy and money you have invested in development, design, analytics, programming and promotion when he opens your site. But he decides instantly, in a split second, whether he likes your e-commerce site or not. A negative impression critically reduces the chances of a purchase. If the user does not like the design, he leaves. This is how advertising budgets are being merged and prospective projects remain promising.

We research your business objectives and create designs to meet all commercial goals.

The style and aesthetics of the visual shell of an online store is just the tip of the iceberg, our task is – to create an online store, that is impeccably comfortable to use.

The unique design of the online store from the Red Chameleon web studio is based on:

  • harmony of the visual shell and usability;
  • a deep understanding of the motives of customers and their behavior on the pages of the site;
  • knowledge of the current requirements of web design and the ability to use classic techniques and the latest trends to achieve the goals of a particular business.

The stages of astonishing design development for your online business

To order an online store design in Red Chameleon web studio means to get a guarantee of careful study of each element for the sake of the result - an effective and successful online store.


Collection of information, analysis of the market, target audience, and competitors, drawing up the concept of a selling resource design.

Development of a detailed technical specification

Choosing a ready-made template or deciding to make a unique design.


Discussion and coordination of layout details with the customer. Generation of original ideas, structure development, intuitive navigation, and essential elements (product catalog, product card, main page, shopping cart, etc.).

Layout approval

Completion of work with the layout, making amendments (as needed).

How to create an online store design that will attract the attention of your target audience and bring business success

The design of a commercial website should be breathtaking at first sight, interest, motivate, positively influence conversion and lead to sales.

There are extended periods of testing when the result is achieved by trial and error before the successful online projects appear - stunning compositions, correct color schemes, and user-friendly arrangement of elements.

The designers of Red Chameleon web studio know everything you need about a selling design:

  • how to attract the attention of users;
  • how to awaken their interest in the brand and products;
  • how to inspire confidence in the site and the desire to buy a product;
  • how to motivate to take a targeted action.

When your online store needs a redesign and modernization

Your web resource was created more than 3-5 years ago and there were no improvements over the years.

The design of the online project is outdated, does not inspire the trust of visitors, as a result it negatively affects traffic and conversions.

The site accumulated outdated information, broken links and functions, not up-to-date images.

There was no attention paid to page design, navigation, usability when creating an online store.

The online store was not adapted (or performed incorrectly) for mobile devices.

The online store was created by yourself or with the help of freelancers without an integrated approach of a team of specialists.

A web resource is the image of your company. Updating the design and information on the site on time is an opportunity to be one step ahead of the competition.

Improvement of sites, integration of new design, modernization and expansion of capabilities are the tasks that Red Chameleon solves, even if they turned out to be beyond the power of other developers.

Order a unique design for an online store


How much does an online store design cost?

The calculation of the price is absolutely transparent - no overpayments and hidden fees. The total cost depends solely on the number of hours spent by specialists on work. The complexity of the design is assessed and all the nuances are agreed before starting work.

Can I create an online store design myself, or do I need to be a specialist for this?
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